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Directory of Eye Physicians and Surgeons
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Roesch, Marian Dr.


625 Vancouver Street
Prince George V2L 5R6
Tel: (250) 563-7373
Fax: (250) 563-8741

Other Languages: n/a
Specialty: Cataract Surgery / Glaucoma / Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Rollins, David Dr.


2550 Willow Street
Vancouver V5Z 3N9
Tel: (604) 875-1521
Fax: (604) 875-5070

Other Languages: Mandarin
Specialty: Cornea / Cataract Surgery

Ross, Bill Dr.


#400 - 805 West Broadway
Vancouver V5Z 1K1
Tel: (604) 874-0404
Fax: (604) 874-0099

Other Languages: n/a
Specialty: Retina/Vitreous

Rossman, David Warren Dr.


Eye Care Centre, Section I
2550 Willow Street
Vancouver V5Z 3N9
Tel: 604-875-4316